Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Shower Candy Bar Game

This is a fun shower game that is perfect for the traditional baby shower as well as a couples shower game where everyone can participate. The game is you give your guests a series of baby related clues. Those clues correspond to the name of a candy bar which is the answer. They are very cute and creative. We recently played this at a couples shower and everyone had a ton of fun. You can buy the candy bars on your list and hand them out to the person with the correct answer as a prize. There are several ways you can give out the clues, we gave everyone the list of answers and asked the clues, first person to raise their hand with the correct answer won! You can also print out answers on the front clues on the back and have everyone match them up. Then you would ask each one and give the prize to the first correct answer.

Clues & Answers

Daddy at conception (answer: Big Hunk)
The conception (Skor)
Pregnant belly (Chunky)
Choosing baby's name (Whatchmacallit)
Girl's name (Baby Ruth)
Twin boys* (Mike and Ike)
Contractions* (Now and Later)

Labor and Delivery
Hospital address (5th Avenue)
Late to hospital (Rocky Road)
Anesthesiologist (Mr. Goodbar)
Epidurals* (Life Savers)
Delivery doctor (Butterfinger)
Labor and delivery nurses* (Sweet Tarts)
Daddy during delivery* (Bonkers)
Umbilical cord* (Twizzlers)
Hospital nursery*(Cry Babies )
Hospital bills (100 Grand)
Hospital accountants* (Nerds)

Your baby's first days
Seeing your baby* (Tear Jerkers)
Premie* (Runts)
11 pound babies* (Whoppers)
Swashbuckling triplets (3 Muskateers)
Chunky baby* (Rolo's)
Breast engorgement (Mounds)
Postpartum tummy* (Jelly Belly)
Breast feeding (Milky Way)
Grandparents* (Sugar Daddies)

Bringing your baby home
Time alone (Zero)
Mommy's lunch (Take 5)
Mommy's sleep time (Fast Break)
Baby giggles (Snickers)
Diapers, formula, medicine (Payday)
Dirty diaper* (Milk Duds)
Lullabyes (Symphony)
Love my baby* (Hugs and Kisses)
Teething (Crunch)
Daycare* (Sugar Babies)
Baby's intelligence* (Smarts)
Your new baby (Treasures)

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