Monday, March 23, 2009

Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

As you all know I went to Vegas last week. Well on my very early flight 6:30 am (btw I am not really a morning person it was a very difficult flight) I met a wonderful women Perry Touche who made the flight a lot easier! Sorry Perry if I butchered the name, she told me I wouldn't forget it and I didn't. We had great conversation, I told her a little about Swanky Chicks and she talked about her daughters. One of Perry's daughter is getting married later this year and she asked my opinion on bridal party gifts. I have been wanting to blog about this very subject for a while and Perry lit a fire under me!

My Mom often jokes with me that I have become a professional bridesmaid and sometimes I think I could be Katherine Heigel in 27 dresses LOL, so I definitely have an opinion on this subject! I have gotten jewelry, hair and makeup, pajamas, track suits, picture frames, candles and tote bags as bridal party gifts. Far and away my favorite is a tote bag full of goodies. The very first wedding I stood in the bride gave us a tote bag with our initial on it, and to this day I use it as a carry on and overnight bag.

Many brides fill these bridal party bags with small goodies as well. Bath products, manicure sets, make up bags, flip flops, wedding day essentials like tissues, bobbi pins, lip gloss, and mini hairspray, make great fillers for the bridal party tote bags. Swanky Chicks has several lines of personalized lotions, lip balms, and shower gels. We are adding adorable cupcake mixes, that you can pair with a heart shaped measuring spoons or whisk. I also love personalized note cards or stationary. Or think of something that each individual bridesmaid would love, something that you would give her as a birthday gift, and fill the bag with that. The bridal party does not have to all get the same gift!

The more personal and usable the bridal party gifts are, the better. Your bridesmaids may even wind up using them long past your wedding day like I have. The same is true for gifts for the groomsmen, help out your hubby to be and suggest personal gifts. How many flasks and clocks can one guy have!
Many of these products make wonderful hostess gifts as well!

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mjellis said...

Cute! I love the make up bags! Is this a hint : )

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