Friday, March 6, 2009

Sausage Queso Recipe

Okay so this recipe may be more football party than baby shower but it is too good not to share! You will need a crockpot, one stick of velveta cheese, one can of rotel(in the mexican food area), and one roll of ground sausage jimmy dean is usualy the best the sage flavor. This is really easy but you should start it at least an hour or two before the party so your cheese melts. But not earlier than that or else it starts to burn on the edges. Brown your ground sausage in a skillet and drain. Cut up your velveta into smaller squares about 16th's but that's not too important the smaller the pieces the faster it will melt. In your crockpot add the cheese, sausage and rotel (do not drain). Heat on high until the cheese melts and then turn down to low or warm to keep the cheese from burning. Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy. Your guests will love it! I always get requests for how to make this one. Don't forget to stop by Swanky Chicks for great baby shower and bridal shower favors to go along with your recipe!

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mjellis said...

Can you add a log of cookie dough as a side dish to mend a broken heart? haha...oh the college days : )

This really is the best queso ever. We add a chopped onion and a green pepper to for extra flavor.

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