Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baby Shower Decorating Ideas- Inspiration

Today's inspiration for a modern orange and blue baby shower comes to us from the fabulous Nesting Instincts Blog. Courtney of Nesting Insincts threw this shower for her sister-in-law. Courtney's SIL is not into "babyish" stuff and prefers more adult-type decor. She had already purchased a modern crib bedding set that became the inspiration for the shower. Courtney used the bedding as inspiration and ran with it. She added accents of brown and blue and began to create a theme. Color once again was key to creating this beautiful shower. Courtney used scrapbook paper and wrapped it around square glass vases to make centerpieces with white mums to bring in accents of color. To keep the theme going she used some more of her scrap book paper to decorate plain brown gift bags. If you couldn't already tell Courtney is a DIY Diva, she even made the matching blue and brown cupcakes herself!
To top it all off and send guests home with a sweet treat she created matching orange party favors. To create these favors, you can use Ball canning jars, found at Target or Walmart. Spray-painted the lids white (they were gold) and create round labels using printable stickers. If you are not quite the DIY Diva that Courtney is, let Swanky Chicks do the work for you and order labels that match your theme. Courtney filled hers with Russian tea mix for half and dried papaya sticks in the other half. If you asked Courtney why? She tells her readers "they were orange and inexpensive!" Get creative and fill them with anything that matches your theme or colors.

She created a flag banner out of assorted scrapbook paper that she cut into pennants. Courtney then printed out the letters onto regular paper to create a template for her letters. She then cut them out, traced them onto the scrapbook paper. Once she cut out her finished letters she glued them onto the pennants. Double-sided tape attached them to the brown grossgrain ribbon and the personalized banner was complete. You can take this idea and create a birthday banner or a banner with baby's name on it.

Thanks Courtney and Nesting Instincs for your wonderful inspiration!


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Michelle Robinson said...

What a wonderful post.
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