Friday, September 11, 2009

Featured Blog- CHS Creative Productions

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Carolyn Horten, Owner & Creative Director of CHS Creative Productions. Carolyn generously took time out of her busy schedule to talk with me about her Event Planning and Holiday Decorating businesses, and I must say I am impressed. Impressed by the amount of time she spent speaking with me and impressed by the wealth of knowledge she has to share. Carolyn has been planning events and creating event decor for over 20 years. Carloyn says "It is what I love and what I do BEST! "

CHS has planned hundreds of events for just as many reasons. One look at their portfolio and you won't have to think twice about hiring CHS. For Southern California CHS Creative Productions is the event planning company to call. Not only does Carloyn have great style and years of experience, but a personality to match. She knows what she is doing and will make you feel confident in her abilities. You won't be disappointed if you choose CHS for your next event.
CHS Creative Productions is a full service Wedding & Event planning company that specializes in Event, Wedding & Holiday Decor design. Serving Southern California since 1996. Don't forget to sign up to follow The Swanly Blog and The CHS Blog for daily party tips and planning inspirations!


CHS Creative Productions said...

Thank you Brandy for the feature, it was a pleasure speaking with you. Can't wait to hear how your ideas work out :).

Enchanted Expectations said...

Love CHS. Their parties are fabulous and inspirational.

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