Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gift Idea for the Couple Who Has Everything

Dallas bride Kimberly shared a wonderful idea with us this week and we thought we would pass it along. We have all been to that wedding where the couple who is getting married is either well established, or has been living together for a long time prior to the wedding. I always find myself wondering what kind of gift do you get for the couple who has everything?
While Dallas couple Kimberly and Andy have just begun planning their nuptials she does have one thing decided for sure, her registry. This is not your typical registry either. Kimberly is an up and coming attorney in Dallas, and Andy is a succesful salesman. What they both agreed on was they did not need not even one more dish or kitchen gadget. And then they had the most genious idea! Kimberly and Andy are asking thier guests to bring a hardcover copy of thier favorite novel, and write an inscription inside the front cover. Kimberly told Swanky Chicks " I know we will probably get 10 copies of To Kill a Mocking Bird but each one will have a special inscription and well wishes inside."
Don't know what to get? We reccommend The Five Love Languages 

1 comment:

mjellis said...

What a great idea!
We were given that book as a shower gift and love it! I've read it twice.

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