Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DIY Wednesday- Striped Vellum Candles

Our awesome DIY Wednesday project this week comes to us from the ever fabulous people over at Martha Stewart Weddings. This project is so versatile you can use it for any event and it might just wind up in your home permanantely!

This modern nod to luminarias -- paper bags with votives inside -- updates the look with chic stripes printed onto vellum and wrapped around straight-sided square glass vases.

You'll need to use oversized vellum; cut it to 8 1/2 inches wide so it will fit your printer, and then trim again once it's printed so it will fit your vase with a slight overlap. Attach with adhesive dots or double-sided tape, and add a tea candle or two to the vase.

Canson's "Vidalon" vellum is available at New York Central Art Supply. Square vases are at Jamali Garden Supplies.

You can download templates over at Martha Stewart Weddings in seven different stripe combinations in sixteen color combos!

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