Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DIY Moss Letters

We have another fab project for you this week. I have been drooling over events that incoporate gorgeous giant monograms. Well we found a beautiful DIY version that you can create for your next event! Have fun with it choose different sizes and fonts, and get ready to get crafty! Head on over to Ruffled for a daily dose of design and some wonderful DIY projects! We can't say enough great things about this blog and thier wonderful sense of style!


1 – 15 X 84″ piece of floral foam (bought at Micheal’s)
3 – packages of preserved moss (bought at Jo’Ann’s)
1 – serrated kitchen knife
hot glue gun
printed out letters

1. Print out your letters on large pieces of paper. You can really do any font that is pretty easy to trace. I liked verdana because it was basic enough but had nice curves. You can do just about any size and lower-case or upper-case. Whatever you want!

2. Pin the letters to your floral foam. Leave edges around your paper letters to trim later.

3. Using straight cuts up and down, cut the foam in the shape of the letters.

4. Open the moss which comes in sheets. Start laying and gluing it around the flatter parts of the letters first (like the tail of the “B”) Save the curves for the end. You can trim the pieces smaller and glue them for the curved portions. If the seams are showing, you can clean them up with smaller loose pieces of the moss. Trim off the excess.

5 Ta-da! You have your moss letters! Hang them with your favorite ribbon like I did.

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