Monday, November 23, 2009

Family Nostalgia - Thanksgiving Inspiration

This gorgeous table is from Country Living. Before your Thanksgiving dinner collect old family photos, print them in black and white or sepia tone, and mount them to cardstock. Place them throughout your table and you will have a great way to decorate and share family memories. Your family is sure to tell stories all evening long that the photographs remind them of. This idea incorporates a bit of family nostalgia into your table setting full of style.

For place cards, use a pin to attach a weathered looking paper with everyones names handwritten. You want to achieve an aged look that compliments the colors of the  golden pear and photographs.
"This time of year, the table serves as both a place to gather and a symbol of gratitude. Here, four ways to personalize yours. "Come to the table." At Thanksgiving, more than at any other day or event, these are words that convey such warmth and anticipation. A year has passed since this holiday was last celebrated, and now, the table set with a feast that befits the harvest, the time has come to gather once again. This year, prepare a memorable table using everyday materials and your favorite things. "

The rich golden tones are perfect harvest colors. Try incorporating some fallen oak leaves, wheat, and branches. The muted tones and natural feel will work great with this look.

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