Friday, November 20, 2009

Twilight Wedding Inspiration

Twilight has turned me into a vampire loving, squealing teenaged girl! Yes I admit it. I pre order my tickets two weeks ago and cannot wait for the end of the day to head over to the theater. I would have gone last night but I had to be mature and realize that I had early morning meetings today.
I must tell you I was not always this obsessed. I had never heard of the books when the first movie came out and only went to see it on a whim one bored friday night after seeing a movie trailer on TV. I had no idea how passionate and incredible the books were until months after that when at the urging of a friend of mine my mom picked up Twilight and New Moon for me as a christmas gift. Even after that it took me weeks to read Twilight. And then something pulled me in part way through the book when I really started to read it, and stopped thinking about the movie. I was totally hooked and I couldn't stop reading. I read the next three books in a matter of days each, I couldn't get enough. I still have skeptical friends who refuse to get caught up in all of the teen drama. If you give it a chance Bella and Edward's love story will change your view on this series and turn you into an instant Twihard! LOL Cheesy I know. I came across a great inspiration board today in celebration of all things Twilight on this the release date for New Moon. I am thoroughly impressed and while there are alot of posts and speculation about the twilight wedding, I love this post from Green Wedding Shoes. Bravo to you!

"Ok fellow Twilight fans, today is the day - New Moon is out! Anyone planning to see it this weekend? I'm hoping to catch it on Sunday. I know the Twilight wedding isn't until book 3 book 4 - Breaking Dawn, but I thought it would be fun to do a post on some wedding inspiration from the movie. Who doesn't love a good love story! I think that is what attracts a lot of us to the Twilight stories - ok, ok, maybe Rob Pattison has something to do with us loving the movies also :) I've been in Twilight mood the past few weeks - along with a lot of us! - and I've been thinking there are some great ideas you can bring into your wedding - or I hope we will see in Bella and Edward's wedding...

The location of Forks, Washington would make for some amazing pre-wedding photos." Visit Green Wedding Shoes for all the details.


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Old_Warhorse said...

Where is this grove of trees with the wall an steps? It's beautiful! I live about 70 miles down the Washington coast from Forks and have been through the area frequently when visiting Sol Duc Falls and the Hoh rain forest, but I'v never seen this.

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