Monday, January 4, 2010

Fat Loss Guide for Brides, New Moms, Everyday Women!

As wedding season kicks in to high gear thousands of brides to be around the country will embark on crash diets to lose those pounds before thier wedding. Brides, I encourage you to pick up Oxygen magazine. Instead of looking at your pre wedding weight loss as a diet, Oxygen will give you useful tips that you can incoporate into your lifestyle. Making changes to your lifestyle instead of going on a diet will result in long lasting weightloss, and a healthy, happy you for 2010! I am so blessed to be friends with the inspiring Kimberly Dolan-Leto. Kim is the gorgeous cover model for Oxygen's Fat Loss issue in stores now! Oxygen is the go to magaine for practical, healthy advice that you can incoporate into your everyday routine. 

For all of you new moms who think having a baby makes it impossible to have a slim, trim body, one look at Kim's Oxygen cover will change your mind. Kim Leto is a 41 year old mom! Yep you heard me those abs are post baby. If Kim can do it, you can do it too. She spends her days chasing after a toddler and teaching her how to make healthy eating choices. Exercise and clean eating helped Kim transform her body and she hopes to instill those values in her daughter.  Pick up a copy of Oxygen's Fat Loss issue for all the details on how Kim juggles being a working mom, and making healthy lifestyle choices for her family.


Kristine said...
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Kristine said...

I just wanted to come back and say...that I admire what Kim has done. Not many people our (Kim and my) age can pull that off...without a LOT of hard work and dedication. I have 4 children and it is TOUGH to put yourself first and to accomplish what she has. Congratulations to her! I will definitely have to check out that magazine and what she has to say.


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