Friday, January 29, 2010

Old Fashoined Sweet Shoppe Inspiration

We have a trio of yummy sweet shoppe inspirations for you today! The old fashoined sweet shoppe theme makes an adorable baby shower, birthday party or even bridal shower. We love the idea of a pickles and ice cream baby shower theme with this first one, or a retro desert bar at your wedding.

Inspired by fortune cookies, these nondrippy cones let you send a secret message to your guests and look great while doing it. For this desert you will need sugar cones, meringue cookies and chocolate chips for the treat, and pretty paper and sprinkles for the secret message inside. 

Print love fortunes on pretty paper and cut them into strips. For a baby shower print a baby themed message like "Babies are sweet as sugar", for a birthday party print the name and date of your party or a fortune to go with the theme. Tuck in the bottom of the cone, for a special treat. For an additional surprise, sprinkle a few colorful sprinkles in the cone on top of the note.
Using a pastry brush, coat the bottoms of two store-bought meringue cookies with melted chocolate chips and stick them together.
Seal Your Note
Coat the top inside of the sugar cone with melted chocolate, then set the meringue cookie "scoop" on top. Let the chocolate set before giving or eating.

Sweet Somethings
An arrangement of lollipop flowers with paper petals makes an eye-catching centerpiece. For each flower, fold colored card stock in half and cut out six hearts. Punch a small hole near the tip of each. Insert a lollipop stick and arrange six hearts on the stem, fanning out the petals around the stick. You have a beautiful sweet treat for your tables!
Credits: BHG

Candy Sundaes
This easy-to-make centerpiece serves double duty with its sugary contents. This is an adorable twist on the candy bar display and gives a retro sweet shoppe feel to the desert table. Thread each end of a piece of ribbon or cord through the holes of a button; knot behind button to secure. Loosely tie ribbon around the top of a long-handled spoon so the buttons trail down each side. Set the spoon in an old fashoined sundae glass and fill with candies.

Credits: BHG

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