Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Easy Five Minute Flower Arrangements - DIY Wednesday

Floral arrangements are an integral and often time consuming part of any event, not to mention expensive. We have gathered a few gorgeous yet simple and inexpensive flower arrangement ideas that you can use at your next event.

Elevate a handful of single variety flowers, such as these ruffly poppies, with a proper collar of hosta leaves.
-Cut the hosta stems long so you can play with the width of the collar depending on the size of the flowers.
-Arrange hostas along the rim of the arrangement.
Credits: Better Homes and Gardens

Think Inside the Vase

 --Twist a small palm frond or banana leaf into a tall cylinder vase as a backdrop for a delicate white orchid branch. 

--Float a single blossom at the bottom of the vase and display.


For a look from Southern Living, use glass wasp catchers -- available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors -- as innovative vases. They're inexpensive, sturdy enough for outside or in, and pretty enough to dress up any setting.
For an easy centerpiece, group a few and fill with your favorite flowers.

Hydrangeas make a gorgeous flower arrangement, and a single stem can go a long way. Here a single stem was cut to sit low in cylindrical vases. Wrap the vase in ribbon that coordinates with your theme and you are done!
Peonies look great here cut short and placed in mint julep cups used as vases. Line the vases down the center of your table for an easy low centerpiece that doesn't keep your guests from talking across the table. Any variety of flower that coordinates with your theme would look wonderful as well. The key is to cut them short so they sit tight into a low vase and use multiple vases to create a dramatic effect. 


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