Monday, April 26, 2010

Banana Sushi??????

Yes, we are serious banana sushi! The name sounds kinda gross but read the recipe and it sounds yummy. This recipe is a fun little twist on what we traditionally think of as sushi, don't worry no fish. Banana sushi can be served for breakfast, lunch or a snack and makes a great treat for kids and grown ups. The best part is it's healthy, delicious and easy! Click here for the recipe on ehow.
We found this recipe via Kinser Event Company. Their blog is full of gorgeous event inspiration, vendor reviews and this fun little recipe.  Kinser Events added a honey dipping sauce on the side!

 This recipe would make a great addition to a jungle themed party, or help to make the kids snack table look a little more grown up.

Things You'll Need:

  • Banana
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bread
  • Knife
  • Rolling Pin
  1. Step1
    Take two slices of bread (whole wheat,whole grain, white) and remove the crusts completely.
  2. Step2
    Take the two slices of bread and overlap them slightly. While overlapped, take a rolling pin and roll the bread slices flat. This will also connect the two slices of bread at the point of overlap.
  3. Step3
    Take the peanut butter and spread a layer (thickness to your liking)evenly over the flattened slices of bread. Be sure that the bread is covered completely.
  4. Step4
    Take a medium sized ripe banana and remove the peel completely. Lay the banana on the bread. Be sure the banana is placed at one end of the bread so that you can roll it up.
  5. Step5
    With your knife, slice "sushi" sized pieces(about 1 inch thick) and arrange on a plate. You are now ready to enjoy your sushi!
    Tips & Warnings
    • Creamy peanut butter works best
    • If the banana is curved, straighten it slightly with your hands so that it rolls well in the bread.
    • Use whole grain or whole wheat bread for optimum nutritional value.
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mjellis said...

How cute! I love this idea!

mr. pineapple man said...

This is too cute :) I'm sure it tastes delicious too!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Such a cute idea. I may try this for a safari themed shower I'm hosting!

Anna parido said...

My daughter LOVED this!! Such a fun and cute idea.

Anonymous said...

Wondering about a whole wheat tortilla or flat bread?!

Anonymous said...

What brand of bread did you guys use? I tried it with oatmeal bread by pepper ridge farm and it crumbled all over. I thiink I need to use cheaper thin bread?

roel said...

I bet nutella as the dipping sauce would make this even better.

restaurant Fort Lauderdale said...

Wow. Here’s a dish that I am falling in love with. I just love the presentation! At first, I was thinking it would have some fresh veggies and other fresh stuff but voila! Indeed, this will be the perfect twist for afternoons ride in my swing right at my yard-with a Sydney Sheldon novel in hand! Thanks a lot for a wonderful recipe.

Anonymous said...

Where do you find straight bananas? Would be great if I could find those hahahaha

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