Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bridal Shower Favors- Hooked on Love

The key to favors for your bridal shower is finding something your guests actually want, and soemthing that fits your theme. Lotions, candles, lip glosses are all my personal favorites. I now have a new favorite. Our swanky little bridal shower favor "Hooked on Love." This cute little favor is classy and so practicle. The love theme is appropriate for any wedding function. You are of course sharing your love with your guest. Your guests will love taking home these purse hooks and will be reminded of your special day everytime they use it. Believe me they will actually use it too! To make these favors extra special you can add personalized labels with your name and special day.
Another great idea for these adorable bridal favors is to include them in a grab bag for your bridesmaids.

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