Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Phoenix Area Photographer- Carrie Resier

A few weeks ago I met the most wonderful photographer Carrie Reiser. Those of you that are in the Phoenix area must take a look at her work. My "someday to be sister in law" LOL Kim has been using Carrie since her daughter Giavella was born. I was impressed with what Carrie had done with Giavella. Well we had a mini family reunion superbowl weekend so Kim enlisted Carrie to get some shots of the entire Dolan clan together (which does not happen often enough!) Carrie came in and was very proffesional and might I add patient! There are 18 of us so imagine getting everyone organized! I cannot say enough with how impressed I am with how our shoot turned out. I have done shoots like this before and have never been so happy with the results! I will show you the results and let you judge for yourselves.

You can follow Carries Blog and see more of her great work at

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