Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bachelorette Party!!

This weekend I went to Las Vegas with 6 of my best friends and sorority pledge sisters to celebrate a bachelorette party. My "favorite friend," as we like to call each other, Michelle is getting MARRIED!!! We are all so excited for her. She has met a truly amazing man who we know she will have a long and happy marriage with. Well here are the highlights.
Vegas is the ultimate bachelorette party destination. Yes it is expensive but we all decided we were going about six months ago and started saving. Plan ahead and save $100 to $150 a month or so until the party and you will have no problem affording it. The sooner you decide the easier it will be to save up!
We stayed at the Venetian and got a couple of the Bella Suites. Our rooms were amazing and the service is great but I can't recommend it. The gambling was not so great and the table minimums were very high even during the day. Each floor had a different floral fragrance that was wonderful when we got there and gave me a head ache by the time we left! TAO was a neat restaurant and club but overrated. I will say however the Lounge bar in the hotel had a fun 80's cover band that played Poison, Journey, and all our "hairband" favs.
Here are my raves. We absolutely LOVED the Bellagio. We ate a FIX and had the most wonderful service from everyone starting with the hostess and bussers to our waiter. We then had cocktails at the lounge Caramel and were given FREE bottle service and had such a fun waitress. They then escorted us past the line and right into their nightclub the Bank to dance the night away!
I also have wonderful things to say about the Monte Carlo. The hotel is clean, beautiful, and does not reek of cigarettes. The dealers at the craps and black jack tables were extremely entertaining! They had us competing with the table next to us to see who could be louder and have more fun!
Email me if you are planning a Vegas trip we met some wonderful VIP hosts and I will be glad to share their contact info! brandy@swankychicks.com

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mjellis said...

Couldn't have put it better! Thanks for the best bachelorette party ever!!

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