Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crab or Chicken Salad Martini!

I have a wonderfully Swanky Party Tip for you today! I love to cook and I was raised in Texas so I always joke that my recipes are great but never healthy, or healthy but not as great. I also love getting my hands on as many new recipes as I can. Needless to say I adore Paula Deen and her amazing recipes! Good southern cooking maybe not so good for you but is always good. I get so many compliments when I use one of her recipes. I was watching Paula Deen over the weekend and found this awesome recipe with a very swanky twist! The Paula Deen recipe is a crab salad serve in a martini glass! This is such a classy and unique way to serve a light dish, your guests will be so impressed.
Cost Plus World Market always has inexpensive glasses if you are short on martini glasses. If you are not a seafood lover try making a chicken salad and serving it garnished in the martini glasses. (Hint to spice up my chicken salad I add a few spoonfuls of green salsa YUM) The Paula Deen recipe is Paula Deen Crab Martini. Enjoy!

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