Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bridal Shower Games

The modern bride does not always want to play traditional bridal shower games. In fact the last several bridal and baby showers I have been to have had very few or none at all. I spent a little time today searching the web for unique bridal shower games that even a modern bride would love. Some of these yes are old favorites but they get a good laugh out of the group and some are a little naughty for a younger crowd. They all guarantee a good time, and you would be surprised what your mom and her friends think is just as funny as you do!
Pick up a few little prizes for the winners of each game you play. A little competition always gets people involved. Candles, Stationary, Bath and Body products are always a hit and you don't have to spend alot. You can even tie the prizes in with your theme. A Scoop of Love Ice Cream scoopers to spread the love,
for a beach theme wedding Ocean Breeze Shell Scented Soaps.
Swanky Chicks has hundreds of favors that make a great little Thank you gift or prize for your bridal shower games.

DIY Games

1. 20 questions- This is an oldie but a goodie and the answer range from sweet to hilarious. Put together a list of questions for the groom, about the bride and their relationship. The more personal and tailored to the couple, the funnier the answers.
Ex. Where/When was your first kiss?
Where/ When did you meet?
What is the most adorable thing the bride (or groom) does?
What is the most annoying thing the bride (or groom) does?
What is the weirdest habit the bride (or groom) has?
Have the groom answer all the questions before the shower and see how many of their answers match.

2.Famous Couples Matching Game. Put together a list of famous celebrities that are a part of a couple, list only one half of each couple. Have your guests fill in the blanks with the name of the other half of the celebrity couple.
Ex. Tom Cruise ___________ (answer: Katie Holmes)
Calista Flockhart __________ (answer: Harrison Ford)

Buy it Online
1. Pin the Macho on the Man. This is a naughty version of pin the tail on the donkey that is great for bridal showers and bachelorette parties.

Join the fun, and share your favorites. Leave a comment with your favorite bridal shower game.

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