Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Wedding Dress

I have been following a blog from an adorable southern gal named Kelly, of Kelly's Korner, for a few weeks now. Every Friday she hosts a weekly blog hop called show us your life. I am totally addicted and decided to join in on the fun! This weeks topic is show us your wedding dress and for single girls like me your dream wedding dress. What a perfect topic for the Swanky Blog to join in on! So here we go my dream wedding dress, and let me tell you I have been dreaming about it for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it changes but it is not often too far from my thoughts. Probably a little more than the normal single girl since I am surrounded by beautiful wedding things everyday. My years of experience (always a bridesmaid never a bride :) ) have changed my mind on what I thought I wanted. No strapless, everyone does it, I want to be different, and I don't want to keep yanking it up all night. No crazy extravagant ballgown skirts, no matter how great that 8 ft train is going to look in your bridal portraits. They are too heavy, and if your bustle isn't just so, it rips out and you spend half the night holding up your skirt so you don't fall over it dancing. I am thinking simple, elegant, beautiful. This first one I know goes against my last comment but it is beautiful.
I have been crazy about Jessica Simpson's dress that she wore when she married Nick Lachey :(

I think those of you that know me might be surprised by these choices. Most people would probably expect me to choose a lavishly expensive gown dripping in jewels with yards and yards of silk. I actually have a folder at home with magazine clippings I have collected over the years of dress I absolutely heart. But here they are I spent some time browsing the gown on this morning to find these.

Brides Against Breast Cancer is an organization that every Bride to Be should know about. Check them out at I posted about them several months ago after my "someday to be sister in law" as I called her got her wedding gown from them. Designers and brides donate new and gently used dresses which are then resold at fabulous prices to brides to be. All of the proceeds go to charity. The Making Memories Charity makes a wish come true for women who have been diagnosed with metastatic(terminal) breast cancer. I have long been a breast cancer advocate and never new how close it would hit to home. A few followers that have been with me for a while may have noticed that my posting fell off at the begining of the summer. I normally don't blog about my personal life. Well unfortunately my mom was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the very young age of 48. Check out the swanky chicks home page we are hosting a benefit in her honor next month. I will be blogging with more details soon. I was such a huge supporter of this charity before but even more than ever I love sharing what this wonderful organization does for families like mine.


Mara said...

I am loving the first gown! said...

It is to die for St. Pucci couture it is $16,000! Ahhh just a dream but I still think the huge ball gown skirt would make me nuts!

thefonesfamily said...

I wouldn't mind at all! Thanks for the comment!

bowsandmorebygracylu said...

i LOVE the last picture!!!! I hope when I can make you a hair piece of even a veil for you wedding!!! :) Love your blog!!

MyStyles said...

All those dresses are so pretty!

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