Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Favorite 15 Ways to Host a "Greener" Party

Here are our pick of the our 15 favorite ways to host a "greener" party with out giving up one ounce of style!

1. Use or rent real glass dishes rather than disposable. You are reducing the garbage your party creates making you a chic and eco friendly hostess
2. Purchase locally grown flowers, that are organic or grown in a sustainable way.   Buying local items means they've had to travel only a short distance (versus thousands of miles) to get to your house. And if you haven't guessed it already, that means they used up less fuel. Or try wildflowers for your floral arrangements. It’s all-natural, it’s organic and it’s free. It also looks nice, completely floppy in the vase and arranged casually.
3. Instead of giving favors, make a donation to your favorite charity. Even better make a donation to a charity like The Nature Conservancy that will offset your carbon foorprint. You can calculate your carbon footprint here, it is very interesting!
4. Donate leftover food to a local food bank. You are cutting down on the waste created by your party and helping someone else out all at the same time.
5. Compost leftover food. Composting leftovers will ease the burden on the landfill, give you great soil, and keep your kitchen waste basket from smelling.
6. Go for shabby-chic and mix and match plates from a local thrift store. As long as you wash them in incredibly hot water, you are actually getting something amazingly unique and doing your part to create less trash. Hint donate the plates back after you are done if you won't use them again.
7. Use potted plants as centerpieces. Then send them home with your guests for a great green favor they can enjoy for months to come.
8. Cut down on electricity and create a romantic (and, let's face it, flattering) glow by placing lit candles everywhere. Use soy or beeswax candles, which, unlike petroleum-based paraffin candles, won't emit toxic, sooty fumes.
9. Decorate with branches you collect locally, not only will you save tons of dough but you are helping the environment.
10. Give tree saplings as a favor. This is by far one of my favorite ideas! Trees help to reduce global warming by 'cleaning the air'.
11. Use cloth napkins, rather than paper. Again you are eliminating the waste you are creating and saving the earth.
12. Donate the flowers from your party to a hospital, nursing home or other local organization. Brighten someone else's day when you're party guests are done enjoying the flowers, that you bought organic and locally of course!
13. Recycle- Make sure glass, paper, and plastic products get thrown out in the recycle bin. This will preserve natural resources, cut down on junk heading to landfills, and reduce the amount of energy used and pollution emitted in the manufacturing of new products.
14. Use organic cleaners. Organic stuff equals good for the planet. Use spray cleaner and dishwashing liquid that won't add bad chemicals to our water supply like Holy Cow and Method brands.
15. If you must use disposable tableware purchase from a site like Green Party Goods that only sells eco friendly and biodegradable options. Best of all the colors and designs are so chic.

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