Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DIY Wednesday- Envelope Liners

Swanky Chicks adores beautifully lined envelopes, and I have to admit I had never thought of actually making them myself! Wedding Bee hosted this great tutorial on DIY Envelope Liners. Envelope liners add an unexpected little surprise to your invites and are another way to bring in more of your theme. So go ahead make some for your self. Wether it is for wedding invitations, baby shower invites, or just a little note to say hello, this is a great little project.

You will need:
Cardstock – to make the liner template
Liner paper
Ruler or Straight Edge
Bone folder
Roll-on Adhesive

1. Make an envelope liner template for your envelope size.
They sell templates for the standard envelope sizes as well, but ever resourceful, I made mine from a piece of scrap cardstock (actually, it was the cover from a sample proposal of one of the venues we visited – sorry, Tribeca Rooftop!). It takes a bit of measurement and trial and error to get the template the right size, but once you do, it’s smooth sailing! It should look like a “house” shape.

2. Trace the template onto the back side of the paper you wish to use for your liner.
After buying and returning various packages of patterned paper, I found this super cute blue and green pattern that perfectly complemented the blue cardstock of our save-the-dates. And it was on sale – double score! One word of advice - make sure the liner paper isn’t too thick! The blue and green paper was okay, but any thicker and it would have been too bulky.

3. Carefully cut the traced shape out. I used scissors, but a paper cutter might have been easier.

4. Pre-fold the liner. Slip the liner (pattern side up) into the envelope. Putting one hand on the outside of the envelope, and using a bone folder on the inside of the envelope, fold both the liner and the envelope flap down, to set the liner fold.

5. Fold the liner flap down and apply adhesive I applied roll-on adhesive (made by Scotch, I believe), on the two edges (the “roof” of the house).

6. Press the envelope flap onto the liner flap. Voila! Lined envelopes!

Now you just have to repeat for each envelope you need to line. In my case, it was 50 envelopes. I found it easier to trace the pattern onto the liner paper 50x, cut out 50 liners, etc. – in other words, do each step 50 times then move onto the next step.
I told you that DVD would come in handy.

Have you lined your own envelopes before? How did it go? Any tips? Leave a comment!

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