Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank You Card Etiquette

This Swanky Chick often spends time reading wedding blogs and forums and today I came across a major thank you card no no. I admit I often hear social faux pass, and some have become common place but this one is a biggie. Imagine your have spent the time to choose a thoughtful gift for a shower. You arrive gift in hand and the hostess gives you a blank envelope and asks you to address it to yourself! This ladies and gents is a big mistake and some your guests will consider it down right rude. People have gone out of their way to spend time and money on you, while it sounds like a great way to save some time please don't do it! Take a few minutes to write out and address each card, your guests will appreciate it. In response we have compilied a list of some Thank You Card do's and dont's.
Do send out thank you notes as soon as possible.
Do include a refrence to the gift recieved and how you will use it or how much you enjoyed it.
Do make it personal, it will be appreciated more
Don't hand out thank you notes as guests leave. It will come off as insincere, clearly the note was written before you even opened the gift.
Don't ask guests to address their own thank you note.
Do use return address labels! You can save yourself time this way

Remember someone spent time choosing just the right gift for you, show your appreciation it goes a long way!
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