Thursday, March 11, 2010

Floral Arranging at a Bridal Shower?

That is the gem of an idea we read about over at 100 Layer Cake and The Perfect Bridesmaid. I have to say I am in love with this idea. The concept is this- so many of us love having fresh flowers in our homes but hate the cost of the delivered bouquets from the florist. The flower bundles in the grocery store are much less expensive, but mine never turn into the gorgeous arrangements the florist delivers. That is where the very talented Sarah of Blossom and Branch came up with the idea for Bodega Flowers 101. Sarah teaches you how to take those grocery store flowers from ordinary to extraordinary!

Add your best girlfriends, some good food and good wine, and this sounds like a perfect non traditional bridal shower. Blossom and Branch is in New York but don't fret there is a DIY solution for everyone else. Flower Duet has the Flower Party in a Box. Flower Party in a Box is a steal at about $26 per guest and includes all of this:
  • How to Create a European Wrap Bouquet DVD to watch with your guests and get to work on your own designs.
  • Three Flower Recipes for each design on the DVD - nine recipes in all.
  • Floral cutters for each guest to use and take home – these are our favorite we use for every class & workshop.
  • To-go Vases that are reusable and lightweight – You pick the color for your party theme.
  • Floral design Tip Sheets for each guest to take home.
  • And…one free email consultation on where to buy your flowers for your party and what to buy!
Here is a sample of one of the gorgeous arrangements you can create with flower party in a box.
Ladies I think EM needs this at her shower!

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